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Clarifying the Myths & Misconceptions

The first myth we are going to tackle is spot reduction. Fat cannot be burned off your stomach directly. Abdominal exercises alone are not enough. To burn off your belly fat you are going to need to get your diet in check.

It is important to get this myth out of the way because many people often think that they can burn fat off their waist with abdominal exercises alone. If you are overweight and want to reveal the six-pack which lies underneath the fat, you're likely going to be better off spending your time performing cardiovascular exercises in order to create the necessary caloric deficit for fat burning.

Secondly, the 'abs' are a single muscle!

Another misconception which needs to be cleared up is the belief that there are upper and lower ab muscles. The 'abdominals' refers to the rectus abdominis which is a single muscle. Although there is a separate page for lower ab exercise videos, most of the ab exercise videos on either page work the upper abs as well as the lower abs.

With these fat burning myths aside, abdominal exercises have a place in most everybody's workout programs. In addition to improving the overall quality of your health, strengthening the abdominals is essential training for most sports.

How to use the Free Ab Exercise Videos

There are many exercise possibilities for each body part and the abdominals are no exception. You can use any of these exercises individually or in combination with other abdominal and core exercises to help strengthen your mid-section.

How Many Ab Exercises Should I Perform?

This is the most common question about abdominal exercises and there is really no concrete answer. In general, the rectus abdominis and other core muscles are slow-twitch (type I) muscle fibers which means they are highly resistant to fatigue. Since they are highly resistant to fatigue it makes more sense to perform sets of high repetitions when performing abdominal exercises.

When to Perform Ab Exercises?

Some people have training splits that have them devote a complete workout to abdominals while others perform them from time-to-time. If you are training other muscles on the same days as your abdominals, you can either use the exercises in these ab exercise videos at the beginning or end of your workout, as well as doing them in between sets of other muscles.

Being a postural muscle, the abdominals tend to recover quicker than other muscle groups which allow most people to work abdominals many times per week, however, some prefer to use heavier resistance or advanced progressions and perform them less often.

Floor Ab Exercise Videos
Bicycle Crunches
Bicycle Crunch
Toe Touches
Toe Touches
Toe Raises
Toe Raises
Plate SitUps
Plate Situps
Dumbbell Press SitUps
Dumbbell Shoulder Press Situps
Bicycle Maneuver
floor bicycle maneuver
Advanced Bicycle Maneuver
Advanced Bicycle maneuver
Bench Crunches (on Weight Bench)
Bench Crunches


Hanging Ab Exercise Videos
Hanging Leg Raise
Hanging Leg Raise
Feet to Ceiling
Feet to Ceiling


Abdominal Exercises on the Stability Ball
Stability Ball Crunches
Stability Ball Side Crunch
stability ball side crunch
Stability Medicine Crunch
Stability ball Medicine ball Crunches
Stability Ball Cable Rope Crunches
Swiss Ball Cable Rope Crunches
stability ball exercise videos workout video bosu  


Abdominal Exercises on the Stability Ball
Resistance Band Toe Raises
Tube Toe Raies
Resistance Band Stability Ball Crunch
Resistance Band Bench Crunch
Band Bench Crunch
TO Bands Resistance Band Set    


Abdominal Exercise Videos using the BOSU Balance Trainer & BOSU Ballast Ball
BOSU Crunch (standard)
bosu standard crunch
BOSU Twisting Crunch
BOSU Balance Crunches
bosu balance crunch
best exercise balls BOSU Ballast Ball Twisting SitUps


Ab Exercise Videos using Medicine Balls & Various Cables Cables
Medicine Ball SitUps
Medicine Ball Situps
Medicine Ball Twist
seated med ball twist
everlast soft medicine ball
Cable Sit Ups
cable sit ups
 Total Gym Reverse Crunches
Total Gym Reverse Crunches
Total Gym Knee Tuck Pushups
Total Gym Knee Tuck Pushups


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