4x Lunges

Proper Form & Execution of the 4X Lunges Exercise

These 4X Lunges are simply a combination of stationary lunges and walking lunges.  To perform properly make sure your front foot step forward contacting the heel of your foot first on the ground.  You should keep your torso upright and form around a 90 degree angle with both legs when you lower your back leg towards the ground.  If you are trying to work your lower body equally your front knee of your front foot should be directly above your ankle.  If you wanted to concentrate on your quadriceps more, you could let your front knee go forward even past your toes but this greatly increases the chances of injury and overuse injury.

More about the 4X Lunges Exercise

4X lunges are a great exercise which can be performed at any point of a workout.  To increase the difficulty you can hold dumbbells hanging to the side or at your shoulders, use a barbell, weighted vest, or any other form of resistance.  This is a great exercise to finish a workout and improve muscular endurance of the quadriceps, glutes and hamstrings.

4x lunges leg exercise videos combination exercises workouts videoEquipment Needed


Dumbbells or Barbell -Optional

Target Muscles

Glutes, Hamstrings, Quadriceps

Synergist Muscles

Adductor Complex/Outer Thighs (Stabilization)



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